Writing for ComSciConversation

Image is the ComSciCon logo next to a speech bubble, with "ComSciConversation" written beneathWe're so excited you want to publish a piece on the ComSciCon blog! Before submitting, please review these basic guidelines:

  • Your piece should be 800 words or less.
  • Please try to avoid acronyms, and be sure to define any you need to use.
  • Include hyperlinks to additional reading material as necessary. We recommend linking to popular science articles, explainer articles or websites, or even Wikipedia (though sparingly). You may also choose to include references to journal articles (preferably open access).
  • Include an image or two as appropriate, along with a brief caption. Be sure to refer to the figures in the text!

Stephanie Hamilton, our editor who has a full-time job, thanks you in advance for making her job easier!

Alternatively, if you don't have a full piece yet but want to pitch your story idea, make sure to indicate that in the form linked below.

Submit your piece for publication using this Google form, and email Stephanie (shamilton@comscicon.org) if you have any questions!