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Image is the ComSciCon logo next to a speech bubble, with "ComSciConversation" written beneathAbout Us

ComSciConversation is a blog by ComSciCon, for anyone affiliated with ComSciCon. We aim to be a low-barrier way to get those Create-a-Thon pieces you worked so hard on during the workshop out into the world! We also feature success stories from our community, recaps of workshops, or any other pieces of scicomm our ComSciCon affiliates would like to get out there. If you have an idea for a post, get in touch!

Submit your post or pitch!

We're so excited you want to publish a piece on the ComSciCon blog! We acccept pieces from a variety of media types, including writing, audio (e.g. podcast episodes, interviews), video, and visual art (e.g. comics, photo essays, illustration, data visualization). If you're looking for a home for your Create-A-Thon project, we'd love to showcase it!

Before submitting, please review these basic guidelines:

  • Please try to avoid acronyms or field-specific jargon, and be sure to define any you need to use.
  • Include hyperlinks to additional reading material as necessary. We recommend linking to popular science articles, explainer articles or websites, or even Wikipedia (though sparingly). You may also choose to include references to journal articles (preferably open access).
  • Include an image or two as appropriate, along with a brief caption. Be sure to refer to the figures in the text!

Alternatively, if you don't have a full piece yet but want to pitch your story idea, make sure to indicate that in the form linked below and either upload or link to a file containing your pitch idea where noted in the form! We'll be glad to work with you to develop your idea into a story.

To submit your piece or pitch for publication on our blog, please fill out this Google form AND email Emily Costa (emcosta221@gmail.com), who will follow up with you to get the ball rolling. And of course, feel free to email any questions you might have to Em as well. Cheers!