Who We Serve

ComSciCon is an organization led by and to serve graduate students interested in science communiation.  That means our primary audience is,

  • Graduate students (primarily those who are currently working on their graduate degree, but also other early career professionals who are recent grads).
  • Individuals of all identities and from all races and backgrounds, including women, minorities (minoritized identities), and members of the LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Graduate students practicing science communication, throughout any STEM discipline
  • Graduate students pursuing any career path that involves science communiation, be it in an academic, educational, non-profit, governmental, industrial, or other context.
  • Those with any level of financial resources; we seek to make attendance of ComSciCon free to those who attend so that participation is independent of the ability to pay.

Since our founding in 2012, we have maintained a powerful focus on the graduate student population for several reasons:

  • Because graduate students represent the emerging population of leaders in STEM fields throughout diverse sectors and occupations.
  • Because graduate students represent the broad base of the STEM research community,   A large fraction of all STEM research, particularly in the academic setting, is performed by graduate students.
  • Because graduate students are more richly representative of the demographics of the general population than more senior professionals.
  • Because, as graduate students ourselves, we recognize that students are undereserved in developing communication skills by traditional STEM training pathways.

For all these reasons, we believe that the greatest impact to be had on the future of science communication and the culture of STEM research will come from service to graduate students.

Our primary programs do serve different, and complementary, purposes:

  • Our annual Flagship workshop is open to graduate students throughout the US and Canada.  Because this singular event is highly oversubscribed, it focuses on promoting leadership by supporting organizers in science communication who can extend opportunities in science communication to more students.
  • Our Chapter events each serve different communities, differentiated by regional, disciplinary, and/or identity-based criteria.  In aggregate, our many Chapter events serve a larger, international community and focus more on training and skill building than leadership and organization in science communication.

All our events are organized and led by alums of ComSciCon programming, who themselves are student and early career leaders in science communication.

Together, we want these programs to form a pipeline that supports early career science communications from their earliest forays in communicating science through their emergence as leaders in the field. Attendees and organizers at ComSciCon Chapter events are strongly encouraged to apply for the Flagship workshop.