Physical Science

Ben Cook

Ben Cook

Graduate Student

Ben entered the Ph.D. program in Astronomy at Harvard in 2014, after completing his undergraduate work in Astrophysics at Princeton.  His main scientific focus is on the formation and evolution of galaxies.... Read more about Ben Cook

Mark Kruse

Mark Kruse

Duke Physics Professor, US ATLAS Outreach & Education Coordinator

Mark Kruse is the Fuchsberg-Levine Family Professor of Physics at Duke University, specializing in experimental high-energy physics. Kruse has led...

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Sarah Willis

Sarah Willis

Graduate Student, Astrophysics, Iowa State University

I am a student at Iowa State University currently at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge as a pre-doctoral fellow. I study large...

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Reggie Bain

Reggie Bain

Graduate Student, Physics, Duke

I am currently a second year graduate student in theoretical physics at Duke University. My research focuses on studying phenomenology in Quantum...

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Mike  Chaffin

Mike Chaffin

Graduate Student, Planetary Science, University of Colorado

Mike studies the history of atmospheric evolution at water loss at Mars as a member of a NASA mission called MAVEN, which arrives at Mars this September. He...

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Michael  J.  Frazier

Michael J. Frazier

Graduate Student, Material Science, University of Colorado

Michael Frazier is PhD candidate at the University of Colorado researching the dynamics and properties of dissipative heterogeneous periodic materials. His...

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Alexandra  Giese

Alexandra Giese

Graduate Student, Earth Sciences, Dartmouth

Alexandra Giese received a Bachelors in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard in 2009 and entered a PhD program in Earth Sciences at Dartmouth in 2011,...

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