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Heather Olins

Heather Olins

Graduate Student, Organismic and Evolutionary Bio, Harvard

I earned both B.A. and M.A. in Earth and Environmental Science at Wesleyan University. Before starting the PhD program in Organismic and Evolutionary Bio at...

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Annie  Bruns

Annie Bruns

Graduate Student, Molecular Biology, Northwestern University

Annie grew up in a tiny farming town in Northeast Iowa, and received her B.A. in biology from Luther College in Decorah, IA. She will graduate in July with...

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Grace  Wu

Grace Wu

Grace Wu received her B.S. in Bioengineering from University of California - Berkeley. After taking a year off to do multiple internships in research and...

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Jaime K Devine

Jaime K Devine

Graduate Student, Neuroscience, Brandeis University

Jaime is a Neuroscience Ph.D. candidate at Brandeis University, after double majoring in Biology and Psychology and minoring in Japanese at George...

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Kunmi  Sobowale

Kunmi Sobowale

Graduate Student, Doctor of Medicine, University of Chicago

Kunmi Sobowale is a Doctor of Medicine candidate at the University of Chicago interested in the social determinants (e.g., culture, poverty, social class,...

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Bryan Leland

Bryan Leland

Graduate Student, Biology, Yale

Bryan is a graduate student at Yale where he studies how cells repair damage to their DNA. Outside of the lab, he helps run a graduate student group called...

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Pinar  Gurel

Pinar Gurel

Graduate Student, Biochemistry, Dartmouth

I have a background in chemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill, and am currently a fifth year graduate student in the biochemistry department in the Geisel School...

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Brian  Aguado

Brian Aguado

Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University

Dr. Brian Aguado completed his Ph.D. at Northwestern University in the Biomedical Engineering department as an NSF Fellow in the...
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Rodrigo  Garcia

Rodrigo Garcia

Grad Student, Neuroscience, MIT

My research is focused on both translational and basic science. I have investigated potential therapeutics for Rett Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder that primarily affects girls. Of equal interest has been exploring the role of the non-neuronal brain cells called astrocytes to the function of the normal and diseased brain.... Read more about Rodrigo Garcia