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Megan  F Gambs

Megan F Gambs

Graduate Student, Oceanography, University of Washington

Gambs is a graduate student in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington, studying how the ocean and atmosphere respond to megafloods...

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Kat  Tarasova

Kat Tarasova

Graduate Student, Biology, MIT

I am a third year graduate student in the Prather Lab at MIT. My research is focused on engineering bacteria to make useful chemicals from renewable...

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Kate  McClure

Kate McClure

Graduate Student, Marine Ecology, Northeastern

I am a PhD student studying marine ecology at Northeastern University's Marine Science Center. I use rocky intertidal systems throughout the Gulf of Maine...

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Laura A Stevens

Laura A Stevens

Graduate Student, Marine Geology and Geophysics, MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program

Laura Stevens is a PhD student in the Marine Geology and Geophysics Department of the MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program. She studies...

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Benjamin  Ross

Benjamin Ross

Graduate Student, Biological Oceanography, University of South Florida College of Marine Science

Ben received his undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from Florida Atlantic University and his master's degree in Biological Oceanography at the...

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Gordon  Ober

Gordon Ober

Graduate Student, Ecology and Ecosystems Science, University of Rhode Island

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology and Ecosystems Science at the University of Rhode Island. My work focuses on marine community ecology, studying the...

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Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin

Graduate Student, Biology, Tufts

I am currently a graduate student in the biology department at Tufts University. I study how new species form and what patterns we see in the DNA of...

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Rosa Li

Rosa Li

Graduate Student, Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University

Rosa is a PhD student in Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University studying the development and neural basis of risky decision-making. Her current...

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Amy  McDermott

Amy McDermott

Graduate Student, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology, Columbia University

I am an MA candidate in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology at Columbia University, where I work on the diversity of coral reef...

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Jennifer  Henderson

Jennifer Henderson

Graduate Student, Biology, University of Missouri

I'm a PhD student in the Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri where I study acoustic communication and mate choice behavior in treefrogs. I...

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Catherine  Dayger

Catherine Dayger

Graduate Student, Biology, Portland State Univeristy
I received a BS and MS in Animal Sciences from University of Illinois where I studied a human reproductive disease, endometriosis. Most recently, I've...
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