Life Science

Emily Church

Emily Church

PhD Candidate, Neuroscience, University of Illinois at Chicago

I study neurotransmitter release modulation. I'm also interested in climate change mitigation, with a particular affinity for carbon taxes.

Rashika Rangaraj

Rashika Rangaraj

PhD Student, Sleep and Metabolism, University of Chicago

I am a Ph.D. student in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition at the University of Chicago. I earned my B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Anna...

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Lu Yao

University of Chicago
Ittai Eres

Ittai Eres

Graduate Student, University of Chicago

My research interests include comparative genomics between humans and chimpanzees. I focus primarily on comparing gene regulation and the 3D packaging...

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Samantha Thomas

MD/PhD Candidate, Human Genetics, University of Chicago

I currently study the role of gene regulation in primate development and drug toxicity using induced pluripotent stem cells. I also co-host the Groks...

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Siyi Gu

PhD Candidate, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Chicago

I'm trying to figure out how a particular set of T cells recognizes foreign and self antigens.

Elise Walker

Elise Walker

PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University

Elise Walker works at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, studying how reflexes contribute to our ability for graceful and robust motor control....

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