Brian Lee

I am a graduate student studying battery chemistry at Caltech. My research project studies ionic conduction through solid materials for alternate battery... Read more about Brian Lee
Woman wearing a VR headset

Science Communication in Virtual Worlds

May 22, 2020

by Sasha Kaurov

Many museums and planetariums are struggling under current social distancing policies and will likely continue to be affected for months, if not years. Thus, it might be the time for experiments with engaging audiences by other means. In this post I will discuss how the initiative I started with OmniScope, an organization to explore novel media for science communication, is testing virtual worlds as a tool for bringing the immersive and interactive experiences online to reach audiences around the...

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Brooke Kuei

Brooke Kuei

PhD Student in Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University

Brooke Kuei is a PhD student in materials science and engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests are in transmission...

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Brian Katona

Brian Katona

Brian Katona is a graduate student studying Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Washington. His research focus is on control systems, which means... Read more about Brian Katona
anzar abbas

Anzar Abbas

Graduate Student at Emory University
Anzar received his doctorate from Shella Keilholz’s lab at Emory University in 2018. While in graduate school, he was a AAAS Mass Media Fellow at the Howard... Read more about Anzar Abbas