For scientists across the country, #ShutDownSTEM stirs a mix of emotions


Grizzell JA, Hariharan J, Limper C, Sanchez A. For scientists across the country, #ShutDownSTEM stirs a mix of emotions. CASW Newsroom. 2020. Copy at


For many academics, news of a one-day strike from labs and classrooms arrived just a day or two before the event itself—“probably because so few [senior faculty/administrators] are active on social media,” said Bret Eshman, a postdoctoral fellow at Florida International University. “That’s how I found out about it on Tuesday.”

The following day, June 10, protests against racial discrimination and violence entered the ivory tower, spread by Twitter hashtags like #ShutDownSTEM#ShutDownAcademia#BlackInTheIvory, and #Strike4BlackLives. Organized by a group of physicists, #ShutDownSTEM asked for the suspension of all non-essential work in favor of open dialogue, education, and action to eradicate anti-Black racism within research and academia.

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