Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Thursday, June 13, 2013

Note: Each session will begin with 10 minutes for 1-minute "pop talks" from attendees

8:30AM: Breakfast
9:00AM: Welcome
9:30AM: Session 1: Engaging Non-Scientific Audiences
10:45AM: Session 2: Science Writing for a Cause
Noon: Catered Lunch with Speakers
1:30PM: Session 3: Communicating Science Through Fiction
2:45PM: Coffee Break
3:00PM: Session 4: Sharing Science with Scientists
4:15PM: Discussion session among speakers and attendees
4:45PM: Session 5: Interacting with the Media
6:00PM: Socializing/Free Time
7:00PM: Write-a-thon (dinner provided)

Day 2: Friday, June 14, 2013

8:30AM: Breakfast
9:00AM: Session 6: The World of Non-Academic Publishing
10:15AM: Peer Review of Attendee Writing
11:15AM: Writing/Revision Time
Noon: Catered Lunch with Speakers
1:30PM: Session 7: Communicating using Multimedia and the Web
2:45PM: Discussion session among speakers and attendees
3:15PM: Coffee
3:30PM: Expert Review of Attendee Writing
5:00PM: Wrap-up
5:30PM: Socializing/Free Time
7:00PM: Conference Dinner with Speakers at the Elephant Walk, Cambridge

Day 3: Saturday, June 15, 2013

9:30AM: Breakfast
10:00AM: Technical Session: Organizing Astrobites & Chembites (download presentation PDF)
11:00AM: Poster Session Featuring Attendee Writing, Outreach, & Communication Projects
Attendees are invited to form new science communication collaborations during this time.
1:00PM: Optional Afternoon Social Events:

Museum of Science Tour
MIT Science Museum
Historical sights in Boston
Astrobites author meeting