Organizing Committee

Kara Manke

Kara Manke

Ph.D., MIT, Physical Chemistry
Science Writer, Duke University News & Communications
ComSciCon Co-founder

Kara Manke completed a Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in June 2015 and is currently a Science Writer in Duke University's News & Communications office.... Read more about Kara Manke

Kate  McClure

Kate McClure

Graduate Student, Marine Ecology, Northeastern

I am a PhD student studying marine ecology at Northeastern University's Marine Science Center. I use rocky intertidal systems throughout the Gulf of Maine...

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Shannon M.  Morey

Shannon M. Morey

Teacher, Abbott Lawrence Academy
ComSciCon Co-founder

Shannon is a chemist, a leader in K12 STEM education, and one of the founding members of the ComSciCon organizing team.  Shannon teaches physics and...

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Taryn  Patterson

Taryn Patterson

Graduate Student, NCSU, Lifespan Developmental Psychology

Taryn is a doctoral candidate at NCSU (Lifespan Developmental Psychology). Her work broadly focuses on successful aging, interventions to bolster cognitive...

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Nathan E. Sanders

Nathan E. Sanders

ComSciCon & Astrobites Co-Founder
Harvard Astronomy PhD
Applied Statistician & Data Scientist

As a Ph.D. student in Astronomy at Harvard University, Nathan helped to develop and lead a variety of science education and outreach programs, including Astrobites and ComSciCon,  to foster interest in astronomy and related disciplines at all age levels.... Read more about Nathan E. Sanders

Anna  Schneider

Anna Schneider

Graduate Student, University of Colorado, Boulder, Anthropology & MBA

Anna E. Schneider graduated from Colorado College in 2011 with a BA in Anthropology and Museum Studies. She is currently a dual degree student at the...

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