January 2014, ComSciCon-Cambridge Attendee

Vic  Xu

Vic Xu

Law Student, Harvard Law School

Vic Xu is a JD student in his second year of study at Harvard Law School. Prior to law school, he studied economics at Dartmouth College. He is interested...

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Andrea  Yung

Andrea Yung

Graduate Student, Harvard, Neuroscience

Andrea Yung is a second-year graduate student in the program in Neuroscience at Harvard University. As a new member of the Goodrich lab, she is interested...

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Godwin  Yung

Godwin Yung

Graduare Student, Harvard School of Public Health, Biostatistics

Godwin is a graduate student in biostatistics at the Harvard School of Public Health. He grew up in Taiwan, received his bachelor's in mathematics from Reed...

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