ComSciCon 2013 Flagship Workshop Attendee

Jareth Holt

Jareth Holt

Graduate Student, MIT, Climate Physics and Chemistry program

My undergraduate degree is in math, but I was also interested in physics, education, and environmental science. I am currently a PhD student pursuing the...

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Caroline  Jakuba

Caroline Jakuba

Graduate Student, U. Connecticut, Genetics

m finishing up my doctorate at UCONN in Genetics and heading off to a postdoc at Wisconsin-Madison this summer to pursue science education research. While...

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Tyler  R. Jones

Tyler R. Jones

Graduate Student, University of Colorado, Biochemistry

I received a BS in Civil Engineering and MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado. I am now a PhD candidate in Biogeochemistry studying...

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Meg Krench

Meg Krench

Graduate Student, MIT, Brain and Cognitive Science Department

I'm a PhD candidate in the Brain and Cognitive Science Department at MIT.  My dissertation research focuses on Huntington's disease, an inherited...

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Mandy  Liesch

Mandy Liesch

Graduate Student, North Carolina State University, Soil Science

Mandy is an artist trapped in the body of a soil scientist. She is a PhD student at North Carolina State University, researching how much storm-water soils...

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Elaine  Oberlick

Elaine Oberlick

Graduate Student, Harvard, Biomedical Sciences

Hello all! I am a PhD student in Biomedical Sciences at Harvard University. I come to Boston from Arizona via Atlanta. I went to Emory University in Atlanta...

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