Physical Science

Beatrice  Bonga

Beatrice Bonga

Graduate Student in Physics at Pennsylvania State University

Beatrice studies one of the mysteries of the universe: dark energy. She does this at the Pennsylvania State University as part of her PhD. program. After...

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Alexandra Brumberg

Alexandra Brumberg

I am a graduate student in the Northwestern chemistry department studying exciton dynamics in CdSe nanoplatelets.
Mike  Chaffin

Mike Chaffin

Graduate Student, Planetary Science, University of Colorado

Mike studies the history of atmospheric evolution at water loss at Mars as a member of a NASA mission called MAVEN, which arrives at Mars this September. He...

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Kavita Chandra

Kavita Chandra

PhD Candidate, Materials Science, Northwestern University

I am currently a PhD student working on nanoparticle synthesis for biological applications. I volunteer a lot with tutoring children through NU...

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