Program Organizing Committee, June 2018 National Workshop

Alie Caldwell

Alison Caldwell

Graduate Student, Neurosciences, UCSD
Alie Caldwell is a PhD Candidate of Neurosciences at UCSD, where she studies the roles of the brain's underappreciated cells, glia. She is the co-founder of... Read more about Alison Caldwell
Eric Earley

Eric Earley

PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University

I work at the Center for Bionic Medicine, focusing my research on developing intuitive robotic prosthesis control for arms and hands.


Molly Gasperini

Graduate Student in Biology at University of Washington

Molly is a burgeoning genome scientist from the University of Washington, where she spends her time trying to develop '-omics' technology.

Christina  Sauer

Christina Sauer

Graduate Student in Environmental Justice at UM School of Natural Resources and Environment

Christina Sauer is a graduate student at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment in the Environmental Justice track....

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