ComSciCon-UVA 2020, Attendee

Jordon aragom

University of virginia
Phd student
I am a PhD student interested in regenerative medicine applied to helping cardiovascular diseases. I have a background in science education, working 2 years at... Read more about Jordon aragom

Leti Beltran

University of Virginia
PhD student in Biophysics
I'm a PhD student in Biophysics at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Briefly, I'm interested in applying Cryo-electron microscopy to study... Read more about Leti Beltran

Jenn Campbell

University of Virginia
PhD Student in Civil Engineering
I am a Ph.D. Fellow in the Behavioral Science for Sustainable Systems program at the Convergent Behavioral Science Initiative at the University of Virginia. I... Read more about Jenn Campbell

Susan Chen

Virginia Tech
PhD Candidate in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Susan Chen (she/her/hers) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech. Her research focus is on consumer food... Read more about Susan Chen

HeeJin, Cheon

University of Virginia
PhD Candidate in Genomics
HeeJin Cheon is a MD/PhD candidate at University of Virginia. Her research involves genomics studies on a rare T-cell malignancy. She completed her... Read more about HeeJin, Cheon

Kelsey Clayback

University of Virginia
PhD Student in Educational Psychology
Kelsey Clayback is an Institute of Education Sciences pre-doctoral affiliate fellow in the Educational Psychology-Applied Developmental Science program at the... Read more about Kelsey Clayback

Abril Gaona

University of Virginia
PhD Student in Neurobiology and Behavior
Abril Gaona (she/her) is a mexican Neurobiologist interested in adult neurogenesis, memory and cognition. She got a bachelor diploma in Biology presenting... Read more about Abril Gaona

Bethany Gordon

University of Virginia
PhD Student in Civil Engineering
Bethany is a Civil Engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Virginia where she studies applications of behavioral science to improve equity through... Read more about Bethany Gordon

Devanshi Gupta

University of Virginia
PhD Candidate in Chemical Engineering
Devanshi Gupta is a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering at University of Virginia, where she is specializing in the design of grid-scale battery storage. Her... Read more about Devanshi Gupta

Mitra Kashani

George Mason University
M.S. Student in Microbiology
Mitra Kashani (she/they) is an avid science educator, climate activist, and microbial ecologist. She is currently a microbiology Masters student at George... Read more about Mitra Kashani

Minah Kim

University of Virginia
PhD Student in Psychology
Minah Kim (she/her/hers) is a PhD student in Psychology at University of Virginia. She studies individual differences in social processing. Currently she is... Read more about Minah Kim

Benedict, Lenhart

University of Virginia
PhD candidate in Biology
I am a biologist interested in metabolic adaption to environmental change. My research considers how allele variations impacts population ability to plasticly... Read more about Benedict, Lenhart

Malina Loeher

Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary
MS Student in Aquatic Health Sciences
I am currently a Master's student in Aquatic Health Sciences at VIMS where I study disease ecology and evolution. I previously completed a B.S. in... Read more about Malina Loeher

Beverly, Miller

PhD in Chemical Engineering
I am a rising 4th year in the Chemical Engineering PhD program. My work involves designing biomaterials to address human health discrepancies in orthopedic and... Read more about Beverly, Miller