ComSciCon-Chicago 2016, Attendee

Zachary Gordon

Zachary Gordon

PhD Candidate, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

I am a fifth year PhD candidate in inorganic chemistry. I am interested in pursuing a career in science policy upon graduation.

Rachel Harris

NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Chemistry, Northwestern University

Rachel Harris an NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Chemistry Department at Northwestern University, where she studies the surface chemistry of quantum...

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Ajay Haryani

MD/MBA Student, Northwestern University

MD/MBA student at the intersection of business and healthcare with a passion for improving communication within our healthcare system.

Shireen Jayman

University of Notre Dame

One of the main goals in my career is to successfully communicate to the general public, the importance of funding cancer research and basic sciences. In...

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Alane Lim

Graduate Student, Materials Science, Northwestern University

Alane Lim is a materials science graduate student at Northwestern University. She has written articles related to science and technology for her school...

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Brittany Maule

Ball State University

Brittany is a Master's student at Ball State University who studies aquatic ecology and scienc ecommunication. Specifically, she looks at how the products...

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