ComSciCon 2022 Flagship Workshop Invited Expert

Asma Bashir

Dr. Asma Bashir

Founder, Her Royal Science
Dr Asma Bashir is a neuroscientist by training, having completed her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. For her PhD, she... Read more about Asma Bashir
Diana Chien is a Chinese-American woman with short black hair.

Dr. Diana Chien

Program Director, MIT Communication Lab
Dr. Diana Chien has led the MIT Communication Lab's mission to support engineering trainees' technical communication skills since 2017, after working with the... Read more about Diana Chien
Pam DiBona kayaking in Hull Massachusetts on a sunny day

Pam DiBona

Activist, Extinction Rebellion and Scientist Rebellion
Pam DiBona is an activist with Extinction Rebellion and Scientist Rebellion in Boston. She holds an M.S. in Environmental Science/Microbiology as well as a... Read more about Pam DiBona
Jacqueline Goldstein

Dr. Jacqueline Goldstein

Science Communication Trainer
Instructional Designer, MIT Communication Lab
Dr. Jacqueline Goldstein is a queer, first-generation American, astrophysicist and science communication trainer. She is the Instructional Designer at the MIT... Read more about Jacqueline Goldstein
A headshot of Pinar Gurel, smiling at the camera in front of an blurred orange background.

Pinar Gurel

Pinar Gurel grew up in North Carolina and obtained her B.S. in Chemistry from UNC- Chapel Hill in 2009. She pursued her PhD in the Higgs lab at Dartmouth,... Read more about Pinar Gurel
A chest up photo of Matt Heid, senior communications strategist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. He has short brown hair, smiling at the camera in front of a white wall and a cactus in the back.

Matt Heid

Senior Communications Strategist, Union of Concerned Scientists
Matt Heid is the senior communications strategist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, where he has spent the past decade developing and implementing... Read more about Matt Heid
Susan Heilman from the shoulders up, smiling at the camera. She has brown hair, glasses, and is wearing a pink shirt

Dr. Susan Heilman

Educator, Museum of Science Boston
Susan Heilman, PhD (she/her) is a life-long STEM learner and educator. She received her BA in Biochemistry from Vassar College and went on to do cancer... Read more about Susan Heilman
Gb Kim

Gb Kim

Visual Artist
Gb Kim is a visual artist and a scholar of aesthetic politics, decolonial theory, and history & philosophy of science. Kim believes her responsibilities... Read more about Gb Kim
Gabi, a blonde white woman with shoulder length hair, smiles at the camera.

Dr. Gabi Marks

Partner, Stellate Communications
Dr. Gabi Serrato Marks is an MIT-trained scientist with a passion for expanding access to science. As a Partner at Stellate Communications, she primarily... Read more about Gabi Marks
A headshot of Rahi Patel, a male in mid-twenties with glasses on standing in an MIT shirt in front of an MIT building, smiling at the camera. Grass and trees are in the background as well as a part of an oxidized copper statue on image right.

Rahi Patel

Rahi Patel is a science communicator based in Boston, MA. He currently works at the MIT Museum as a Curiosity Correspondent. In this role, he makes educational... Read more about Rahi Patel
Julie Rorrer

Julie Rorrer

Dr. Julie Rorrer is an Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Fellow of the Communication Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her... Read more about Julie Rorrer