ComSciCon 2022 Flagship Workshop Attendee

Headshot of Emma Carley

Emma Carley

Emma is a doctoral candidate at Yale University. Her research focuses on understanding how mechanical force transmitted to the nucleus of a cell impacts the... Read more about Emma Carley
Headshot of Ana

Ana Carneiro

I am a fifth year Chemical Engineering PhD student at UC Berkeley in the Schaffer lab. I study non-pathogenic (i.e. will not make you sick) viruses for use in... Read more about Ana Carneiro
Headshot of Megan Cook

Megan Cook

Deep ocean explorer and Director of Education & Outreach for Ocean Exploration Trust, Megan Cook (she/her) loves helping people fall in love with salty... Read more about Megan Cook

Tuba Dolar

My interest in science communication mainly originates from my career goal of joining academia after completing my program. As a faculty member, I will need to... Read more about Tuba Dolar