Organizing Committee, ComSciCon-Chicago 2016

Kavita Chandra

Kavita Chandra

PhD Candidate, Materials Science, Northwestern University

I am currently a PhD student working on nanoparticle synthesis for biological applications. I volunteer a lot with tutoring children through NU...

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Sara Clifton

Sara Clifton

PhD Candidate, Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University

I am a doctoral candidate in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University. I study simple mathematical models that provide...

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Alexandra de Paz

Alexandra de Paz

PhD Candidate, Interdepartmental Biological Sciences (IBiS), Northwestern University

I am a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS) program at Northwestern University. I'm interested in creating better tools...

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Ittai Eres

Ittai Eres

Graduate Student, University of Chicago

My research interests include comparative genomics between humans and chimpanzees. I focus primarily on comparing gene regulation and the 3D packaging...

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Alicia Foxx

Alicia Foxx

Graduate Student, Plant Biology and Conservation, Northwestern University

Alicia received a BS in Biology from Elmhurst College. She then completed an MS in Plant Biology and Conservation, a program in collaboration between...

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 Karna Gowda

Karna Gowda

Graduate Student Northwestern University Applied Math

 Karna is a graduate student of applied mathematics at Northwestern University, where he studies the mathematics of ecology and climate change.

Isaac Larkin

Isaac Larkin

Graduate Student, Interdepartmental Biological Sciences, Northwestern University

I'm trying to make it easier to engineer mammalian cells. Long term, I also want to design organisms to sustainably produce chemical feedstocks, fix...

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Rashika Rangaraj

Rashika Rangaraj

PhD Student, Sleep and Metabolism, University of Chicago

I am a Ph.D. student in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition at the University of Chicago. I earned my B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Anna...

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Katherine Simeon

PhD Student, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Northwestern University
Omair  Taibah

Omair Taibah

Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University

Graduate student in Northwestern University, EECS Department. I am a co-founder of an Arabic language science communication platform ( My...

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Samantha Thomas

MD/PhD Candidate, Human Genetics, University of Chicago

I currently study the role of gene regulation in primate development and drug toxicity using induced pluripotent stem cells. I also co-host the Groks...

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Kristi  Ward

Kristi Ward

AuD/PhD Student, Northwestern University

I am a PhD/AuD student at Northwestern University investigating how age, executive function, and hearing status influence speech recognition and cognitive...

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Carolyn Wilke

Carolyn Wilke

PhD Candidate, Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

I'm an environmental engineering Ph.D. student studying nanomaterials and their chemistry and interactions with bacteria in the environment. I blog...

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