Nathan E. Sanders

Nathan E. Sanders

ComSciCon & Astrobites Co-Founder
Harvard Astronomy PhD
Applied Statistician & Data Scientist
Nathan E. Sanders

As a Ph.D. student in Astronomy at Harvard University, Nathan helped to develop and lead a variety of science education and outreach programs, including Astrobites and ComSciCon,  to foster interest in astronomy and related disciplines at all age levels.Nathan did his thesis work with Alicia Soderberg to determine the progenitor properties of stripped-envelope core-collapse (Type Ibc) supernovae, and developed new statistical methodologies for measuring the light curve properties of hydrogen rich (Type II) supernovae. They used the Pan-STARRS1 survey to discover these transients and made follow up observations with telescopes around the world to enable multiwavelength studies of the properties of the explosions and their host environments.  He completed his PhD at Harvard in 2014, and graduated from Michigan State University with bachelor's degrees in physics and astrophysics in May, 2010.  Based in Boston, Nathan  currently practices data science in industry and has led data science teams at Legendary Entertainment and WarnerMedia.


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