Mandy Liesch

Mandy Liesch

Graduate Student, North Carolina State University, Soil Science
Mandy  Liesch

Mandy is an artist trapped in the body of a soil scientist. She is a PhD student at North Carolina State University, researching how much storm-water soils in a rapidly urbanizing county can infiltrate to maintain water quality. The east coast is a stark contrast from her Masters degree in Agronomy on the sweeping plains of Kansas. Mandy (also known as Dirt) is currently in charge of writing and managing web content for K-12 soils education and teachers site for the Soil Science Society of America. She also was an author for a teachers guide for an elementary/middle school soils book, and has a chapter in a soils textbook for high school students. She also writes and runs environmental and soil science programs for the Girl Scout Council of the North Carolina Pines.


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