Kristen L. Cacciatore

Kristen L. Cacciatore

Chemistry Teacher, East Boston High School
Kristen  L. Cacciatore

Kristen L. Cacciatore, Ph.D, is a full-time chemistry teacher, science fair coordinator, and science program leader at East Boston High School. In addition to teaching a full schedule of chemistry and Advanced Placement chemistry classes, Dr. Cacciatore leads the EBHS science fair program, the EBHS- Umana mentoring program, and the AP science enrichment and support program for the entire Boston Public Schools district. She is a science teacher leader in Boston, serving as a mentor for colleagues and coordinating several citywide programs to support rigorous, authentic science education.

Dr. Cacciatore is a nationally recognized chemistry education leader; she leads workshops around the country on inquiry-based instruction and has won science teaching awards from Amgen, a leading biotechnology company; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; and the American Chemical Society.

She has extensive experience in chemistry curriculum development working with the College Board, the University of Massachusetts Boston, and textbook publishers to produce research-based instructional materials; recently she was the lead writer for the College Board’s AP Chemistry lab manual, AP Chemistry Guided Inquiry Experiments: Applying the Science Practices. Dr. Cacciatore received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in secondary science education, and a doctorate in green chemistry, all from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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