ComSciCon 2015 Flagship Workshop Attendee

Cael  Barry

Cael Barry

Graduate Student in Climate & Physical Oceanography at MIT

I'm a graduate student in climate & physical oceanography, though more of an applied mathematician by training. I think a lot about marine viruses...

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Alex  Berardino

Alex Berardino

Graduate Student, Computational Neuroscience, New York University

Alex is a PhD candidate in Computational Neuroscience at NYU and co-founder of NeuWrite Downtown, a scientist-journalist collaborative in New York City...

Carla  Bezold

Carla Bezold

Graduate Student in Public Health at Harvard

Carla is a doctoral student in the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Her research and professional experience focus...

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Beatrice  Bonga

Beatrice Bonga

Graduate Student in Physics at Pennsylvania State University

Beatrice studies one of the mysteries of the universe: dark energy. She does this at the Pennsylvania State University as part of her PhD. program. After...

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Prabarna  Ganguly

Prabarna Ganguly

Graduate Student in Behavioral Neuroscience at Northeastern University

Prabarna is a PhD student in the Psychology Department at Northeastern University. She received her B.A. in Biology from Bard College in 2013. Her research...

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Molly Gasperini

Graduate Student in Biology at University of Washington

Molly is a burgeoning genome scientist from the University of Washington, where she spends her time trying to develop '-omics' technology.