ComSciCon 2014 Flagship Workshop Invited Expert

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Spatial Policy Specialist for Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Dr. Sarah Smith is a Spatial Policy Specialist for Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in Boston, where her work involves analyzing and promoting policies...

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Lisa Song

Lisa Song


Lisa Song is a reporter at InsideClimate News, where she writes about oil sands, environmental health and natural gas drilling. She helped write "The Dilbit...

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Ryan  Vachon

Ryan Vachon

Ryan Vachon, received his Ph.D. in stable isotope geochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  For over a decade his research revolved around developing tools for developing long records of ancient climate from ice cores and tree rings.  During several research-oriented field campaigns, he video-documented several methods of examining the planet’s climate systems. Related footage and video productions later graced network broadcast channels such as CNN, PBS, BBC and National Geographic.... Read more about Ryan Vachon