ComSciCon 2014 Flagship Workshop Invited Expert

Rick  Fienberg

Rick Fienberg

American Astronomical Society’s Press Officer

Dr. Rick Fienberg is the American Astronomical Society’s Press Officer. From 1986 to 2008 he worked at Sky & Telescope magazine, the last eight of...

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David  Goldston

David Goldston

Director of Government Affairs at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

David Goldston became Director of Government Affairs at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a leading environmental group, in July 2009.  In...

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Laura  Grego

Laura Grego

Senior Scientist, Global Security Program

Dr. Laura Grego focuses on the technology and security implications of national missile defense and of space security. She is the author or co-author of...

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Renée  Hlozek

Renée Hlozek

Postdoctoral Fellow Princeton

Dr. Renée Hlozek is the Lyman Spitzer Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Astrophysics in at Princeton University and the Spitzer-Cotsen Fellow in the...

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Raquell Holmes

Raquell Holmes

Founder and Director of improvscience
Dr. Raquell Holmes is a pioneer in the use of improvisation and performance to advance communication and diversity in scientific research communities. She...
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John Johnson

John Johnson

Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University

After spending four years as an assistant professor of Planetary Astronomy at Caltech, John Johnson is now a Professor of Astronomy at the Harvard-...

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Ben  Lillie

Ben Lillie

High-energy particle physicist

Ben Lillie is a high-energy particle physicist who left the ivory tower for the wilds of New York’s theater district. He has a B.A. in physics from Reed...

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Phil McKenna

Phil McKenna

Freelance Writer

Phil McKenna is a freelance writer interested in the convergence of fascinating individuals and intriguing ideas. He primarily writes about energy and the...

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