Elizabeth Kranich

Elizabeth Kranich

Teacher, Hazel Wolf E-STEM school
Liz Kranich

Elizabeth Kranich is a third grade teacher at Hazel Wolf K-8 E-STEM school, a public school in Seattle, Washington. Hazel Wolf serves a diverse urban population and is the only STEM school in the north Seattle area. As a science focused educator, Elizabeth has attended various STEM conferences and professional developments. She was a contributor at University of Washington and National Geographic’s 2015 Geoliteracy Summer Institute, where she focused on developing outdoor science curriculum for elementary students. Elizabeth also attended the 2014 ASCD National Conference where she learned different strategies for enriching urban classrooms with quality engineering and science lessons. At Hazel Wolf Elizabeth designed a year-long field study for her 3rd grade class studying the human impact on the natural spaces within the city. She also implemented engineering challenges and Project Based Learning units co-written by educators at her school.  Elizabeth is most passionate about fostering a love of discovery and nature in her students and looks forward to discussing creating a more science literate public at this year’s ComSciCon-PNW.

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