ComSciCon-PNW 2017, Expert

Janet Bryant

Janet Bryant

Senior Science and Technology Expert, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Chair, ACS Chemical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council (CIEC) and the ACS Northwest Region

Janet Bryant is currently a Senior Science & Technology Specialist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where she has been innovating as a...

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Dr. Marley Jarvis

Marley Jarvis

Portal to the Public Science Communication Fellowship Program Supervisor, Pacific Science Center

Dr. Marley Jarvis was raised in a coastal town in northern California by an artist father and oceanographer mother, and she shares a passion for both....

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Photo of Meg Matthews

Meg Matthews

Strategic Communications Manager, UW College of the Environment

Meg works to help mission-driven people tell stories that matter. She brings nearly a decade of messaging and media relations expertise to her role as the...

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Photo of Julian Olden

Julian Olden

Co-Director, Center for Creative Conservation
Professor, UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Science

Julian Olden is the co-director of the Center for Creative Conservation and professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Science at the University of...

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Tami Tolpa

Tami Tolpa

Illustrator and Animator, Tolpa Studios

Tami Tolpa, operating as Tolpa Studios, has over 18 years of experience in scientific illustration and animation for clients including: Scientific American...

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