ComSciCon-Chicago 2016, Expert

Kevin Bersett

Kevin Bersett

Copy Editor/Writer, Marketing and Communications, Illinois State University

Kevin Bersett is the editor-in-chief of Illinois State University’s research magazine, the Redbird Scholar. He also oversees the University’s style guide,...

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Meridith Brurozas

Meridith Bruozas

Educational Programs and Outreach Manager, Argonne National Laboratory

Ms Bruozas oversees the Educational Programs and Outreach Department that currently serves over 4,000 middle and high school, 300 undergraduate, and...

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Julianne Hatfield

Julianne Hatfield

Postdoctoral Fellow, Science in Society, Northwestern University

Julianne’s interest in science education and community engagement started way back in 2010 when she started working with Science in Society’s Science...

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Becky Lang

Becky Lang

Editor in Chief, Discover Magazine

Becky Lang is editor in chief of Discover magazine, where she's worked since early 2013. She moved to the magazine world from newspapers after 11...

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Robert McNees

Robert McNees

Associate Professor of Physics, Loyola University

Robert McNees is an Associate Professor of Physics at Loyola University Chicago. After completing his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, he held...

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Stephan Moore

Stephan Moore

Lecturer, Radio/Television/Film, Northwestern University

Stephan Moore is a composer, improviser, audio artist, sound designer, teacher, and curator based in Chicago. His creative work currently manifests as...

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Dan Moser

Daniel Moser

Professional and Presentation Skills Director, Northwestern University

Dr Moser specializes in the art and science of communications training for professionals in financial, business, engineering, medical, design, and...

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