ComSciCon-Chicago 2015, Attendee

Adam Brown

PhD Candidate, Computational Neuroscience, University of Chicago

In the laboratory of David Biron at the University of Chicago, I study the neurobiology of foraging behavior in a tiny roundworm. I am passionate...

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Hilary Bultman

Hilary Bultman

PhD Candidate, Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I work in the lab of Dr. Richard Lindroth, exploring plant-insect interactions with an emphasis in chemical ecology and genetics. I am interested in...

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Kavita Chandra

Kavita Chandra

PhD Candidate, Materials Science, Northwestern University

I am currently a PhD student working on nanoparticle synthesis for biological applications. I volunteer a lot with tutoring children through NU...

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Darren  Cheah

Darren Cheah

M.Sc., Earth Sciences, University of Notre Dame

My field of research is organic geochemistry, where I study molecular remains formerly living beings preserved in rocks and sediments to interpret...

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Emily Church

Emily Church

PhD Candidate, Neuroscience, University of Illinois at Chicago

I study neurotransmitter release modulation. I'm also interested in climate change mitigation, with a particular affinity for carbon taxes.

Sara Clifton

Sara Clifton

PhD Candidate, Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University

I am a doctoral candidate in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University. I study simple mathematical models that provide...

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Ann Cosgrove

Ann Cosgrove

Graduate Student, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

Ann Cosgrove is a graduate student in Earth and Environmental Sciences at UIC. She has a background in architecture and is interested in the...

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Alexandra de Paz

Alexandra de Paz

PhD Candidate, Interdepartmental Biological Sciences (IBiS), Northwestern University

I am a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS) program at Northwestern University. I'm interested in creating better tools...

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