Chanel Matney

Dr. Chanel Matney

Science Policy/Advocacy Panel
Chanel  Matney

Chanel Matney earned her doctorate in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins, where her research used mapped cortical circuits using transgenics, electrophysiology, and morphological reconstructions of single neurons. While there, she co-founded the Johns Hopkins Science Policy Group, a grassroots advocacy organization that empowers early career researchers to engage with decisionmakers about the role of research data in policy discussions. After graduating, Chanel took on an array of professional opportunities in strategic communications, editorial support, and policy analysis in the Washington D.C area. Chanel headed out to the West Coast to work on education policy as a California Council of Science and Technology (CCST) science fellow in 2019, followed by a service as a committee staffer in the California state legislature, where she worked on transportation issues. These days, Chanel works at the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine as a Program Officer in the Forum for Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders, a Washington DC based non-profit that advises and informs the federal government on emerging issues in science and technology.