Calvin Chan

Calvin Chan

PhD candidate at University of Alberta

My name is Calvin and I’m a fourth-year doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta. My research focuses on understanding how human cells sort and transport proteins to different areas where they work. Different proteins are needed for different jobs like producing energy, breaking down waste, or synthesizing hormones. If they aren’t being transported to the right place, cells can die or even become cancerous.

Aside from research, I love reading, writing, and talking about all kinds of science. You’ll often find me producing content for my favorite local radio station, CJSR FM88; working as an editor for the interdisciplinary journal Spectrum; or writing about cool new science for my local online and print magazines. My work has been nominated for the Canadian University Press JHM awards for best investigative writing and best climate reporting.

Outside the lab, I am a board game collector, tea connoisseur, and an avid Netflix watcher.

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