Alie Caldwell

Alison Caldwell

Co-creator, writer, and co-host of Neuro Transmissions
Alie Caldwell completed her PhD in Neurosciences at UC San Diego in 2019, where she studied glial biology and genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. She is the... Read more about Alison Caldwell
Paul J. CaraDonna

Paul J. CaraDonna

Graduate Student, Ecology, University of Arizona

Timing is everything, but context matters; this is the focus of my PhD research at the University of Arizona. Specifically I study how climate change...

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Adam Carte

Adam Carte

Graduate Student, Developmental Systems Biology, Harvard University
Mike  Chaffin

Mike Chaffin

Graduate Student, Planetary Science, University of Colorado

Mike studies the history of atmospheric evolution at water loss at Mars as a member of a NASA mission called MAVEN, which arrives at Mars this September. He...

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William Chen

William Chen

Graduate Student, Quantitative Ecology, University of Washington
Anny  Chung

Anny Chung

PhD student in biology (ecology) at the University of New Mexico

Anny is a PhD student in biology (ecology) at the University of New Mexico. She grew up in Taiwan and New Zealand, received an A.B. in biology and...

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Monica Cook

Monica Cook

Graduate Student, Physics Education Research, Georgia State University
Katie  Dagon

Katie Dagon

Graduate Student, Harvard, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Katie Dagon is a PhD student in Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University. She studies climate impacts of geoengineering, or efforts to minimize...

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