Kat  Tarasova

Kat Tarasova

Graduate Student, Biology, MIT

I am a third year graduate student in the Prather Lab at MIT. My research is focused on engineering bacteria to make useful chemicals from renewable...

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Sera  Thornton

Sera Thornton

Graduate Student, MIT, Biology

Sera is currently wrapping up her PhD in biology at MIT, and has spent the past several years immersed in the fascinating field of epigenetics, studying how...

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Beth  Truesdale

Beth Truesdale

Doctoral student in Sociology, Harvard
Doctoral Student, Inequality and Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School

Beth is a doctoral student in Sociology at Harvard and a doctoral fellow in Inequality and Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. She is interested in...

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Aysu  Uygur

Aysu Uygur

Graduate Student, Harvard, Genetics

Aysu is a PhD student at Harvard University Department of Genetics.

Noelle J. Van Ee

Noelle J. Van Ee

Graduate Student, U. Miami, University of Miami, Marine Geology & Geophysics

Noelle J. Van Ee obtained her B.S.from the University of Miami, FL in May 2007 with double-major in Marine Science and Geology. After working one summer in...

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Andrea Villanes

Andrea Villanes

Graduate Student, Data Science, North Carolina State University
Ashley Villar

Ashley Villar

Graduate Student, Observational Astronomy, Harvard
Kellie Vinal

Kellie Vinal

Graduate Student, Biochemistry, Emory University