Elaine  Oberlick

Elaine Oberlick

Graduate Student, Harvard, Biomedical Sciences

Hello all! I am a PhD student in Biomedical Sciences at Harvard University. I come to Boston from Arizona via Atlanta. I went to Emory University in Atlanta...

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Heather Olins

Heather Olins

Graduate Student, Organismic and Evolutionary Bio, Harvard

I earned both B.A. and M.A. in Earth and Environmental Science at Wesleyan University. Before starting the PhD program in Organismic and Evolutionary Bio at...

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Akinola Oyedele

Akinola Oyedele

Graduate Student, Optoelectronic and Device Physics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jai  Kanth  Panthail

Jai Kanth Panthail

Graduate Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Utah

Jai is a Master's student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, focusing on Hydrology, Environmental modeling...

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Taryn  Patterson

Taryn Patterson

Graduate Student, NCSU, Lifespan Developmental Psychology

Taryn is a doctoral candidate at NCSU (Lifespan Developmental Psychology). Her work broadly focuses on successful aging, interventions to bolster cognitive...

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Peter Pellitier

Peter Pellitier

Graduate Student, Terrestrial Community Ecology, University of Michigan
William  Perry

William Perry

Graduate Student, Department of Mathematics at MIT

William Perry is a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at MIT, having recently studied at Oxford. He works in the field of topology, studying...

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