Three new ComSciCon-local events coming to cities near you!

December 3, 2014
Three new ComSciCon-local events coming to cities near you!

We are excited to announce the launch of three new ComSciCon-local workshops being organized throughout the country by ComSciCon graduate student alumni.  

Like the ComSciCon-local event we ran in Cambridge, MA in January of 2014, these events will be specifically tailored for and exclusively targeted to students in a particular geographic region.  The three events will be held at different times in 2015 in Chicago, IL (ComSciCon-Chicago); Ithaca, NY (ComSciCon-Cornell); and in the North Carolina research triangle (ComSciCon-Triangle).

Each event is an exciting opportunity for young scientists to explore and practice techniques for the communication of complex technical concepts to broad and diverse audiences, to expand the horizons of where and how scientific research is discussed and disseminated, and to meet like-minded science communicators (from graduate students to veteran professionals) from universities across their region.  From our perspective as organizers of the ComSciCon national workshop series, it is tremendously exciting to see our alumni extend the reach and impact of ComSciCon to their local communities.

The ComSciCon-Chicago event is being led by ComSciCon alums Brian Aguado (Biomedical Engineering) and Karna Gowda (Applied Math), both graduate students at Northwestern University.  Karna is also a veteran of the ComSciCon14 national workshop organizing committee.  The ComSciCon-Chicago workshop, which will be held in August, 2015, is sponsored by The Graduate School at Northwestern and the Student Government of the University of Chicago.

ComSciCon-Cornell, which is open to both graduate students and post-doctoral researchers at Cornell and several other universities in upstate New York, is being led by Kristin Hook (Neurobiology and Behavior) and Rob MacDonald (Environmental Toxicology), both of Cornell University.  Both are alumni of our June 2014 national workshop, ComSciCon14.  The ComSciCon-Cornell workshop will be held in May, 2015 and is being sponsored by the BEST program, the Graduate School, the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Cornell University.

Finally, ComSciCon-Triangle will be held in March of 2015 for students at Duke, NC State, and UNC-Chapel Hill. The organizing committee of ComSciCon-Triangle is comprised of graduate students from all three schools and alumni from ComSciCon13 and ComSciCon 14: Reggie Bain (Physics, Duke, ComSciCon14), Kelsey Ellis (Marine Science, UNC-Chapel Hill, ComSciCon14), Sheena Faherty (Biology, Duke), Rosa Li (Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke, ComSciCon14), Mandy Liesch (Soil Science, NC State, ComSciCon13), and Taryn Patterson (Psychology, NC State, ComSciCon13). A broad collaboration of sponsors at Duke (Medicine and Science & Society), North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Research and Graduate School), and the North Carolina Museum of Natural History has made ComSciCon-Triangle possible.

Information about each event is already available on the ComSciCon website.  Applications are now being accepted for the ComSciCon-Cornell and ComSciCon-Triangle events.