Looking back at ComSciCon's first Atlanta event

June 1, 2018
ComSciCon-Atlanta 2018 annual report cover page

Each year at our flagship annual workshop, ComSciCon attendees spend three full days embedded in a community of phenomenal science communicators from across the US and Canada, sharing strategies, ideas, and best practices for how to communicate science passionately and effectively.  Because the scope of that event can't possibly meet the enormous need and demand for science communication discussion and programming among graduate students, one of the most important outcomes from our flagship event is the creation of ComSciCon franchises that bring the opportunity to have those conversations and experiences to more graduate students.

Four early career scientists in the US southeast took a huge leap in 2018 to bring ComSciCon to Atlanta, GA.  Kellie Vinal (Emory '16), Laura Mast (Georgia Tech), Carleen Sabusap (University of Alabama at Birmingham), and Anzar Abbas (Emory) put in extraordinary effort to bring a science communication workshop to 50 graduate students in the Atlanta area.

ComSciCon-Atlanta annual report speakers page

In their just-released annual report, you can learn about the terrific program the organizers put together in February and March of this year for ComSciCon-Atlanta 2018.  You'll find attendee testimony from graduate students about how the event impacted them; insights about their innovative breakout sessions in storytelling, humor and data visualization in science communication, and detailed statistics on feedback from attendees.  With 100% of attendees reporting that they would recommend the experience to a colleague, the future looks bright for ComSciCon to return to Atlanta in 2019 and beyond.

Please follow the link below to read the full report from the ComSciCon Atlanta team.  Stay tuned for the next ComScICon-Atlanta in 2019!

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