Introducing ComSciConversation: the ComSciCon blog!

February 3, 2020
Image is the ComSciCon logo next to a speech bubble, with "ComSciConversation" written beneath

It’s a new year, and new things are coming to! We are thrilled to introduce ComSciConversation: a ComSciCon blog and publication outlet for our Flagship and Chapter workshops.


Each ComSciCon workshop incorporates an interactive session that we call the “write-a-thon.” This session aims to give participants a chance to practice their writing, editing, and feedback skills through the production of an original piece of science writing. Participants begin working on their pieces in advance of ComSciCon, submitting a first draft several weeks beforehand. They then receive feedback from other conference attendees and revise their pieces in advance of a second editing session during ComSciCon itself, where they receive additional feedback from invited speakers.


Many ComSciCon attendees pursue publication of their pieces through an external outlet (see a list here). We are thrilled to create ComSciConversation as an additional publication outlet for ComSciCon attendees. While we do encourage attendees to reach high and pitch their pieces to external outlets, we are excited to create a space for our attendees to make their work visible to wider audiences. In addition to providing a landing spot for our attendees’ work, ComSciConversation will also serve as a space for updating our community about ComSciCon-related news, including new initiatives or partnerships and accomplishments of past attendees.


If you would like to submit a piece for publication on ComSciConversation, please visit this page (also linked in the left sidebar)! And be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you don't miss any posts!