ComSciCon Organizer Named to American Astronomical Society Post

October 20, 2014
ComSciCon Organizer Named to American Astronomical Society Post

We are excited to announce that ComSciCon organizer Dr. Susanna Kohler will be joining the American Astronomical Society (AAS) as their new Science Highlights Editor.  

Susanna has been a key member of the ComSciCon Organizing Committee since we began our work in 2012.  Susanna recently graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with her Ph.D. in astrophysics.  Her research at Boulder focused on theoretical modeling of relativistic astrophysical jets and on developing and testing new techniques for science communication.  A systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of ComSciCon programming for graduate student professional development formed one component of her Ph.D. thesis.

In addition to her work with ComSciCon and her academic education research, Susanna has also been a leader in the Astrobites collaboration.  AAS Executive Officer Kevin Marvel cited Susanna’s Astrobites experience in the Society’s announcement of her hiring: “[she was] essentially doing on a monthly basis what we are hiring her for on a weekly basis; the simplification and dissemination of key scientific results in our journals.”  

As Highlights Editor, a new position at AAS, Susanna “will cull the published articles in [AAS] journals for newsworthy and noteworthy scientific results to share with the broader scientific community and the public.”  As a leader among a team of more than 50 graduate student contributors from around the world, Susanna helped the Astrobites collaboration to publish more than 1,000 articles summarizing recent astrophysical research, covering current events, offering career advice, and more for an audience of aspiring undergraduate researchers during her four years as a student member.

We offer our congratulations to Susanna, and look forward to continuing our work with her on upcoming ComSciCon events!

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