Celebrating storytelling at the 4th annual ComSciCon-Houston

July 25, 2020
ComSciCon-Houston 2020 group photo

This is a guest post written by ComSciCon-Houston Co-Chair and Rice University Psychological Science PhD student Autumn Horne.

Since 2017, ComSciCon Houston has served the graduate student community in southeast Texas by bringing together experts, graduate student leaders, and participants who are passionate about science communication. This year, our conference theme was “Telling a story about your research.” We believe that creative and compassionate storytelling is at the heart of all effective science communication. Over the course of the two-day workshop held at Rice University, participants learned skills for confidently telling an effective and engaging story about their scientific research.

Many thanks to our sponsors, attendees, and volunteers for all that you did to make our 2020 event a success. Because of you, ComSciCon Houston provided an opportunity for graduate students in Texas to become better scientific communicators and to learn the ways in which effective science communication bridges the gap between the scientific community and the public. We are already looking forward to ComSciCon Houston 2021!

In the ComSciCon-Houston 2020 annual report you can read more about the design, participants, and execution of their 4th annual event.

Please don’t hesitate to email houston@comscicon.org with any questions.

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