Lauren Chambliss

Ms. Lauren Chambliss

Communications Director for the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future
Lecturer in the Department of Communication

A former prize-winning journalist in Washington, DC, Lauren Chambliss now teaches and practices communication, from social media to traditional print. Effective communication about the human impact on the natural world is critical to understanding the choices before us and the effect on generations to come.  In her role as Communications Director for the Atkinson Center, Lauren is responsible for crafting messaging about sustainability in a language people can understand and translating complex science for different stakeholder groups, from farmers to policy makers. In addition to communicating the science about climate change and the environment, Lauren headed up an energy conservation project for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to encourage behavioral change in the work place by leveraging the internet and social networks to promote sustainable behavior. She likes to work with scientists and scholars early in their careers so that they learn communication skills that can contribute to a lifetime to impact.


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