January 2014 Workshop

ComSciCon will hold a Communicating Science workshop specifically for Harvard and MIT graduate students in January of 2014.  Attendees will interact with graduate student leaders in technical communication from the Harvard and MIT communities, learn from expert writers and communicators including Harvard and MIT faculty, and will produce original works of science communication for publication.

A great strength of our summer workshops is that we bring together top young researchers and communicators from around the country to learn from and network with each other.  The collaborations and student organizations born from these workshops, which will long outlive the events themselves, serve as the lasting outcomes of ComSciCon programs.  We believe there is a similar potential  for facilitating connections among the exceptional graduate student communities of Harvard and MIT, and the intention of ComSciCon-local is to foster that network.

The ComSciCon-local event will be held in two half-day sessions over the January term.  Please refer back to this site for the opening of attendee applications and for future announcements about the event.  You can also sign up for our informational email list on Google Groups.

This inaugural ComSciCon-local event will be held in collaboration with the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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