ComSciCon Fall 2015 K12 Session

The ComSciCon Fall 2015 K12 Session will be held in the evening of Friday, November 13th and all day Saturday, November 14th.  This session will continue the work of graduate students and invited educators at our 2014 and 2015 ComSciCon national workshops, who collaborated to develop lesson plans based on active areas of scientific research to connect this work to fundamental concepts in K12 classrooms.  

Our goal is to conclude the session with an initial set of at least 15 ready-to-use lesson plans for K12 science teachers.  Having been designed by both practicing scientists (ComSciCon-affiliated graduate students) and practicing educators (K12 teachers from the Boston area and beyond), these lesson plans will be novel, accurate, actionable, and standards-aligned.  These lesson plans will serve as a proof of concept for grant applications that would allow us to continue developing these materials at future ComSciCon workshops and extend the program further.

During the meeting we will have two distinct working groups - Content Creation and Grant Development.  Each working group will have have a separate schedule with designated times for collaboration throughout the meeting.  

In this session, we will be focusing on a deep collaboration between five pairs of science graduate students and teachers.  Each pair will create three lesson plans.  Additionally, we will work with a group of advisers to further develop our K12 resources and programming.  

The ComSciCon Fall 2015 K12 Session is sponsored by the Templeton Foundation and Google.

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