David Wolfe

Prof. David Wolfe

Professor of Plant and Soil Ecology
David Wolfe

Dr. David Wolfe is Professor of Plant and Soil Ecology in the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. In addition to peer-reviewed research publications, he co-authored the 2008 and 2014 National Climate Assessments sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, and was lead author of both the Ecosystems and Agriculture chapters of the 2011 New York State “ClimAID” report.  He currently leads a USDA project focused on carbon, nitrogen, and greenhouse gas management in agroecosystems, and contributes to soil conservation and food security projects in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Kenya.  At Cornell he chairs the Atkinson Center’s Climate Change Consortium and teaches “Climate Change and the Future of Food”.  Wolfe is also one of the founding organizers of Cornell’s Soil Health program, and author of the award-winning popular science book on soil ecology, Tales From the Underground: A Natural History of Subterranean Life.  


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