Reimbursement Procedures

All ComSciCon 2018 participants receiving reimbursements or an honorarium should identify and review the relevant instructions below.  Failure to follow the policies below  may result in forfeiture of disbursement.

Please contact ComSciCon's Director of Development, Myeashea Alexander, with any questions: email  <>

Instructions for ALL Participants Receiving Disbursements

Step 1 - Due May 1st

US Citizens or green card holders will need to fill out a W-9 form.  Foreign nationals do not need to submit any form.

This form should be submitted by email to Myeashea Alexander at <> before May 1. Please include "[ComSciCon 2018]" in the subject line of the email.

Step 2 - Due by June 24th

Reimbursement invoice forms will be provided to all attendees, speakers, and organizers after the workshop is completed. Please submit the form, along with digital or scanned receipts (PDF preferred) by June 24th. Please submit actual receipts (i.e. showing cost and method paid) rather than itineraries, and make sure that the total reimbursement requested on the invoice matches the total from all receipts.