Travel reimbursement for graduate student attendees

Travel to Cambridge

Graduate students accepted to ComSciCon 2015 as non-local attendees are eligible for travel reimbursement under the following guidelines.
1. Eligible travel expenses (taxi, economy class flight, train, or bus ticket costs) up to the individual limit you were provided in your initial email acceptance notification are suitable for reimbursement.  If you choose to drive, we can only reimburse mileage for trips under two hours from Cambridge, MA.
2. USA residents only: Please complete and submit a W--9 form, attached below, by Saturday, June 6th 2015 to Nicola O’Shea (nicolaoshea [at]  Please contact Nathan Sanders (nsanders [at] with any questions or concerns.
3. On or before June 19th: Please submit itemized receipt(s) (an itinerary will not suffice) to Nicola O’Shea (nicolaoshea [at] on or before June 19th.  You may also bring your receipt(s) to the ComSciCon workshop on either the 18th or 19th of June to complete the reimbursement process in person. (Travel receipts may include taxi’s, flights, trains and buses.)

USA residents: Please note your reimbursement cannot be processed if you have not submitted a W-9 form.

Non-USA residents: Please follow the same process as described above, but note that you do not need to submit a W-9 form (Step 2).
Travel within Cambridge

Upon arrival at the Harvard dormitories, all non-local attendees will be provided with a week-long pass on the Boston-area subway system (the T) to facilitate their travel between the housing and workshop venue and elsewhere in the area.

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