ComSciCon-UVA 2021 Workshop

About ComSciCon at UVA


ComSciCon at UVA is a science communication conference featuring skill-specific workshop.

In today’s climate, the need for proper  science communication is more important than ever. Science has expanded and made incredible strides towards improving our daily lives and health. However, the general public does not always trust scientific data, and many public policies are not based on science. This often stems from poor communication between scientists and the general public or policy makers. Scientists are often misunderstood because they cannot clearly articulate their message in simple, clear, jargon-free language. Our workshop aims to cultivate the skills necessary for scientists to communicate complex research topics on a simple, effective level for the general public without compromising the quality of their research.

Here at UVA, there is a growing awareness of the need to train graduate students in the STEM disciplines in the area of science communication. ComSciCon 2021 at UVA will be a great avenue allowing graduate students to build upon the foundation they receive from current university resources to further enhance their science communication skills. 

Participants of the workshop will have a chance to practice and improve their oral and written communication skills through pop talks, write-a-thon, and panels. This year we have also dedicated one day to focus exclusively on communicating science online.

Regardless of your career choice, communicating science is an important skill and we are happy to help you in developing it!

We encourage students and postdocs from all VA and DC universities to apply! This allows us to establish a strong local network that cares about science communication training. Having students from different universities provides an excellent opportunity for networking and discussion between students from a variety of environments which could form new collaboration opportunities with local universities.

For more information, please review the “Application" and "Schedule" sections on the side navigation. Feel free to email as if you have any questions:

Application Deadline: June 15

ComSciCon Date: August 16-18

Location: Online