ComSciCon-Triangle 2016 Program


Please note that this schedule is preliminary and may be subject to minor changes.

Day 1: May 14, 2016, The Frontier at RTP Headquarters

8:30 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome and introduction

9:10 AM

Panel 1: Communicating science throughout your career

  • Corey Davis, Applied Climatologist at North Carolina State University
  • Mark Derewicz, Science Writer at UNC School of Medicine
  • Kara Manke, Science Writer at Duke Office of News and Communications
  • Holly Menninger, Director of Public Science for the College of Science at North Carolina State University

10:20 AM

Intro to pop talks & Pop talks (round 1)

10:40 AM

Coffee Break

11:00 AM

Panel 2: Writing/editing fundamentals

  • Karl Bates, Director of Research Communications at Duke Office of News and Communications
  • Abby Olena, Post-doctoral fellow at Duke Science & Society

12:15 PM

Pop talks (round 2)

12:30 PM


1:45 PM

Pop talks (round 3)

2:00 PM

Write-a-thon (meet with review groups, practice review articles)

3:00 PM

End of day 1



Day 2: May 21, 2016, The Frontier at RTP Headquarters

8:30 AM


9:00 AM

Pop talks (round 4)

9:15 AM

Panel 3: Building your online brand

  • Eleanor Spicer Rice, Senior Science Editor at Verdant Word
  • Craig McClain, Assistant Director of Science at National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and Editor, Deep Sea News
  • Matt Shipman, Public Communications Specialist at North Carolina State University Communications
  • Jamie Vernon, Director of science communications & publications at Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society and editor-in-chief of American Scientist magazine
10:30 AM

Pop talks (round 5)

10:40 AM

Coffee break

11:00 AM

Panel 4: Getting to know the science communication outlets in North Carolina

  • Mary-Russell Roberson, Science Writer
  • Joshua Hall, Director of  Science Outreach and UNC PREP at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Kate Maddalena, Assistant Professor of Professional Writing and Technical Communication at UNC Wilmington
  • Kathryn Pietrosimone, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

12:15 PM

Pop talks (round 6)

12:30 PM

Lunch & Expert Review

2:00 PM

Closing Keynote by Joe Palca, Science Correspondent for NPR

3:00 PM

Happy hour!



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