Frequently Asked Questions

Am I expected to attend the whole conference?

You are expected to attend the entirety of the two Saturday sessions on April 10 and April 17. You are also expected to attend any one of the workshops that will be offered throughout the week. You may attend more workshops if you would like, but one is required. 


Will ComSciCon Houston 2021 be a virtual event?

Yes! See our Virtual Conference Information page for more details


What can I expect from ComSciCon 2021?

At ComSciCon Houston 2021, you can expect to learn practical science communication skills, learn about part-time and full-time careers in science communication, and network with others who are interested in science communication. You will hear from speakers and panelists who are expert science communicators in many different scientific fields. You will participate in interactive workshops where you will learn about science writing, scientific illustration, navigating social media, hosting equitable science communication events, and more. You will have the opportunity to get practice and feedback on scientific writing and speaking through the write-a-thon and pop talks.


What is a write-a-thon?

The purpose of the write-a-thon is to produce a 500 word article about any scientific topic of interest. You are more than welcome to write about your own research, but you do not have to. Your intended audience for the write-a-thon will be like the readers of local newspaper (e.g., the Houston Chronicle) who may have a college education but have no training in the scientific area that you are writing about. You will bring an outline for the piece to the first session on April 10. You will work on the piece throughout the week of ComSciCon Houston. By the end of the conference, and you will have a draft of an article and feedback from a peer on how to continue improving the piece. You will also recieve guidance on potential future publication.


What are pop talks?

Pop talks are short, oral descriptions of your research or another scientific topic of interest. They should be engaging and accessible for an audience who may have a college education but no training in the scientific area that you are speaking on. You will give your pop talk live for a small group of your peers and get feedback on how to make your talk even stronger.


Who can apply to ComSciCon Houston?

Applicants must be STEM graduate students or postdocs, work in Houston or the greater Central Texas area, and have an interest in science communication.


When is the deadline to apply for ComSciCon Houston 2022?

The application deadline is TBA.