Invited Panelists

#ComSciConESA will feature not one but TWO separate panel of experts, one composed of academics and the second composed of non-academic professionals who routinely interact and communicate with ecologists. Below is contact information for each panelist:

Panel 1: Academics 

Jacquelyn Gill, Ph. D

J. GIll

Assistant Professor of Paleoecology & Plant Ecology,
School of Biology and Ecology and Climate Change Institute, University of Maine, Orono
Degree: Ph.D. 2012 University of Wisconsin, Madison  
Twitter: @JacquelynGill
Podcast: Warm Regards
Blog: Contemplative Mammoth

Emily Farrer, Ph.D.

Emily Farrer

Assistant Professor ,
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University, New Orleans
Degree: Ph.D. 2010 University of Michigan
Twitter: @emilycfarrer
Dr. Emily Farrer is an assistant professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane. She got her PhD from the University of Michigan and did postdocs at the UC Berkeley and the University of Colorado Boulder. Her research examines the interactions that structure plant and microbial communities in space and time, and how global change and land use patterns alter these interactions with consequences for biodiversity and ecosystem function. Her work spans a variety of ecosystems including wetlands, grasslands, and alpine tundra and utilizes molecular, GIS, and modeling tools to answer ecological questions. Emily does outreach to middle school girls through the Girls in Stem at Tulane program and is active in ESA SEEDS and the Tulane Women in Science and Engineering group.

Madhusdan Katti, Ph. D

Associate Professor,
Department of Foresty and Environmental Science and the
Chancellors Faculty Excellence Program for Leadership in Public Science,
North Carolina State University
Degree: Ph. D. in Population Biology, University of California, San Diego
Twitter: @leafwarbler
Podcast: Science: A Candle in the Dark

Panel 2: Professionals