We are thankful to the following organizations for their generous support:

The Graduate Leadership and Advocacy Council at Northwestern University: http://sites.northwestern.edu/glac/

Northern Illinois University Graduate School: https://www.niu.edu/grad/

Northern Illinois University Department of Biological Sciences: http://niu.edu/biology/

University of Illinois of Chicago Graduate College: http://grad.uic.edu/

University of Illinois of Chicago Department of Biological Sciences: https://bios.uic.edu/

University of Illinois of Chicago College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: https://www.las.uic.edu/

University of Illinois of Chicago Department of Psychology:  https://psch.uic.edu/

The Field Museum: https://www.fieldmuseum.org/

The University of Chicago: UChicagoGRAD: https://grad.uchicago.edu/

The University of Chicago myCHOICE: http://www.mychoice.uchicago.edu/

Northwestern University's Media, Technology, and Society (MTS) Doctoral Program: https://communication.northwestern.edu/programs/phd_media_technology_society

Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering: https://www.mccormick.northwestern.edu/

Northwestern University's Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics: http://ciera.northwestern.edu/